Cancer and Nutrition – Realism and Myths

Are healthy eating habits the same as cancer prevention?
Yes, your eating habits are an easy way to do yourself and your family a lot of good.
Are healthy eating habits the same as cancer prevention?
Yes, your eating habits are an easy way to do yourself and your family a lot of good.

February 4th is “Cancer awareness day”. Which means everybody writes about it and I didn’t want to miss that. But after that decision stood the question: What do I want to write about? I am not a cancer specialist and luckily no one in my direct surroundings got diagnosed with cancer. But if I think a little further there are a few.

It’s the same for most people. Afterall are there more and more people diagnosed with this stealthy illness thanks to more preventive medical checkups and sensitized doctors. At the same time, this means more and more people have to live with the diagnosis and what it does to their lives.

Can we do something, to stop cancer from happening at all?

That is an almost evil question. If anyone can actually “prohibit” cancer from happening, wouldn’t it mean everybody else is to blame for their own illness? I think you can do a lot to lower the risk of getting sick. But scientists have found strong genetic factors for quite some cancer variants. the rest is pure luck.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t do whatever you can, to prevent getting sick. Since you can’t prevent single cells from degenerating.

The body developed many strategies to deal with such cells. 99,9% are identified from your own defense cells and killed.

For that a body needs good preconditions: few toxins, stuffed into it; a minimum of exercise, to keep the juices flowing; time to rest and few chronic inflammations, that would just keep the immunity unnecessary busy.

Sime variants of cancer (like breast or prostate cancer) are sensitive to hormones, that means they react to specific hormones with growing or shrinking. Sadly there are quite a few drugs (besides the pill) that mess with your hormones. Because of that many people, that have to take drugs on a regular basis, have a slight hormonal disbalance. That doesn#t mean you shoulöd stop taking your drugs. But for people with cancer in their family, it can be helpful, to sit down with your doctor and speak things trough.

I won’t be giving you a list of “bad” drug for a reason. If you want to know more about this, feel free to leave a comment or write me an email. I will get back to you.

A similar topic is the question, if women give birth and nurse. I know, that this isn’t possible for health reason or simply not wanted. But there are numerous studies that say, going through that special hormone roller coaster, gives a women’s hormone balance in the long run.

Are healthy eating habits the same as cancer prevention?

Yes, your eating habits are an easy way to do yourself and your family a lot of good.

One simple measure is the reduction of white sugar and not only because of your weight. The effects of sugar on our immune system and with it the risk of getting cancer is described by Josh Gitalis.

One word that gets spoken in the same breath a cancer prevention is antioxidant. They are substances that are needed by the body to eliminate toxins and the infamous free radicals.

These are the energy-rich waste of chemical reactions in the body. Unless “caught” and eliminated early afterward, they can damage the DNA of a cell. Such Damage can be repaired or the cell kills itself… or it evolves into a cancer cell.

But where to get these antioxidants?

Every sort of fruits or veggies has at least a minimum of antioxidants, as most other “healthy” foods; vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids or secondary phytochemicals

But some substances are especially effective in preventing cancer. If you want to go the extra mile, you could get some of the following into your meal plan regularly.

I try now and again to get my kids used to one of them. the more natural eating these foods comes to them, higher the chance they will keep eating them after they moved out (and do themselves some good without knowing). Some examples are:

  • Lycopin is inside all red fruits and veggies
  • Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and many other antioxidants (plus they are good for your brain)
  • Flaxseed has lots of omega-3 fatty acids and lignans
  • Resveratrol is contained in grapes, berries, pomegranate, green tea and dark chocolate
  • Quercetin is contained in capers, berries, onion and cabbage
  • probiotic foods like dark chocolate or kefir
  • Apigenin is contained in celery and Camille
  • Vitamin D
  • Ginger
  • Mushrooms
  • Curcumin
  • coconut oil
  • carrots
What to do, after one got the diagnosis cancer?

Anyone confronted with such a life-altering diagnosis has to decide, how to proceed from there. Most people simply listen to what the doctors say. Surely you should listen to your doctor, but don’t stop there. Instead kásk around and read up. Especially if you have to decide about an operation or taking meds for the rest of your life.

The least you should worry about is: How can I minimize the side effects of my treatment? If your doctor doesn’t bring it up himself or doesn’t have anything useful to say, after you ask, go and look for more help.

A lot of people use such a moment in their life, to turn the fear into power for chances. With that they can change parts of their life, they have been dissatisfied for a while. Just not enough to start changing right away. Those changes don’t have to be about health but can contain any kind of small or big lifetime dream.

If you hear of a potentially deadly diagnosis in your near surrounding, you have different questions to answer: How can I help with our being pushy? How much help and initiative is welcome? Those difficult questions can only be answered together with the concerned person.

What can one truly do yourself to battle cancer?

The basis treatments: operation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of the three are more or less common knowledge. In some cases, there already is a more targeted approach possible.

For some cancer variants, the cells show very specific degenerations.Trough them the cells can be targeted with substances (physiological or synthetic), that can force the cancer cells to kill themselves.

But there are quite some foods (e.g. all of the above that act preventive) that can support the body in battling cancer. The way they work is quite diverse and not always fully understood. But there are lots of studies proofing their benefits.

On Principle, battling cancer is a very wasting state of emergency for the body. on one hand, do most cancer cells use up a lot of sugar. On the other hand is it hard work for the immune system and the healthy part of the afflicted organ to keep the body running smoothly. Sometimes with so much success, that the illness gets diagnosed very late.

Because of that should the reaction to the diagnosis be to go in big, regarding vitamins minerals and secondary phytochemicals. If someone is struggling to cope with the situation and therefore unable to change their whole eating habits, could ask for help or simply start with supplements (but look for quality stuff).

Plausible changes in your way of eating would be:

  • Ketogenic or Low-Carb starves most cancer cells since they unlearnt the ability to draw energy from anything but glucose
  • Milk products are latently inflammatory for all adults (worst case you are already lactose-intolerant). It proves beneficial not to consume any and to boost your gut health with a probiotics regimen at the same time.
  • If someone starts to lose a lot of weight, be it because of the advanced illness or an admitted treatment, should do some detoxing at the same time. The body puts toxins into fat cells if he can’t get rid of them immediately. If you lose weight, those toxins get flooded into your blood system. Since cancer already weakens the whole health, that could worsen the situation.
  • Chemotherapy should be accompanied by resveratrol and quercetin. Especially in high doses, those two proved to weaken the side effects and heighten the effects of the chemo. A few doctors started injection high doses of resveratrol and quercetin at the same time as the chemo – with good success.


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