No plan survives the first contact with reality

… or in my case the flu epidemic.

I had so many plans for the blog and most works around it are really fun. But the beginning of the year was stressful and when my husband went on his business trip, it got too much.

He came back and I faltered, in time for my birthday, and haven’t gotten back on my feet since then. That was at the beginning of February.

Apparently, did I deplete my reserves to a point, where the flu gets me again and again. At this moment I am fighting the third round and I am sick of it. But the only things to do, are healthy eating, getting a lot of rest and trying not to stress me out about other things.  My plan for the blog is one of these things. Regardless of the fun I am having writing them. It is stressful, to do them all in my free time and the translations.

Therefore updates will be more sporadic. Even tho I really liked my plan forthe next months. I will still try to post a recepe blog at the beginning of each month. After that, I will see, how much I get done. Mostly my favorites, probably.

For Pinterest, there will be no daily pin schedule for now. Instead, I will concentrate on building up my account, whenever I have time.

The third point of my resolutions list was the newsletter. It will have to wait until I am healthy and have at least half a year on the blog. Afterward, there will be a Freebie (ideas are not the problem) and then the fun part will begin.


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