About Me

Have you ever been there ?

When the alarm goes of on the morning and all you want isa few more minutes, but somebody has to get up first. Your morning is filled with dressing and helping several family members to get dressed. Preparing  breakfeast for most if not all of them. Packing lunchboxes, settling disputes, helping with brushing their theeth and combing their hair. Work isn’t exactly motivating either. Afterwards you hasten home to quickly whip up some healthy food for you and your loved ones.

Then there is your personal mix of housework, homework, driving to get or bring kids, playtime, shopping. Maybe even preparing food for the next day… AND then there is YOU-time. In my case finding the time to work on this blog ^^ While shortly moving on to the last chores of the day: dinner, preparing kids for bed (including discussions, grumbling, screaming, ranting – take your pick). Followed by the question how to spend your evening aka for what am I NOT too beat up.

That was our realtiy for a while. We all got sick over time. I did not want to grow old like that. I didn’t even want to live another day like that.  So I started chainging my habits. Sometimes a lot at once, but those seldom stuck.  By now I try to be patient and limit myself to 2-3 habits at once. Usually one stays with me, the others get another try later – I am far from perfect, I admit.

There are still days like the one described before, but they are decreasing. AND we were able to lessen our sick days and grumbling!  That was most important for me. Everything else is a work in progress. And since I believe there are enough “supermoms” out there, which can do apparently everxthing with ease, I decieded to share my experiences and troubles with you.

I am not perfect!

You don’t have to be either!

Let’s create a better (healthier, happier, fitter, relaxed…) life for ourselves together.